Odin Aircraft is brought to you by: www.globaldataresearch.org. Here our  World-Class Chief Scientist and Subject Matter Expert has identified numerous shortcomings of EVERY available aircraft on the market past and present. This all-encompassing research has revealed key metrics  which are addressed in Odin Aircraft's "Intrepid Explorer".


The Intrepid Explorer is an aircraft like no other in the world. Born and bred to primarily service those who have a physical impairment of the lower extremeties, this aircraft delivers without compromise. During the design and testing phase it was discovered that the placement and feel of the hand controls is so intuitive and immediately adaptable by all who tested the aircraft that it is surmised this flight control arrangement is THE ideal for ALL persons regardless of physical stature.

The Intrepid Explorer employs Higher Intelligence  Architechture through the adoption of:

Variable Geometery Main Landing Gear - This allows a tailor-fit response to both pilot girth and loading schemes in order to adjust the rotation moments to YOUR ideal advantage.

Variable Geometry Aileron Response - This allows YOU to custom tailor the speed and strength of the aileron response in roll.

Variable Geometry Elevator Response - This allows YOU to custom tailor the power and speed of the pitch angle.

Over 12 Cubic Feet of Cargo Space -  The Intrepid Explorer makes use of exceptional engineering to provide multiple locations for the loading of cargo in order for YOU to achieve the ideal weight and balance scheme.

Glass Panel and Two Axis Autopilot with Altitude Hold - You deserve the most enjoyable flight possible while having fun, going hunting, fishing, and/or camping at your favorite sand bar or rock pile.

Insulated Lunch Locker - Built-in for YOU

Thermos Compartment - Built-in for YOU

Tundra Tires - Standard.

Extreme Duty Landing Gear ​- Standard.

Foot Rests and a CUP HOLDER!!!!

Engineered Frontal Impact Crumple Zones - Extreme safety for YOU.

Strategically Designed and Placed Fuel Cell - Extreme protection from puncture and/or rupture in the event of a forced landing.

You get ALL of this along with Award-Ready Short Take-Off and Landing capabilites no other true aircraft on the planet can match!